India’s 10 Spoiled Celebrity Who have been Jailed

This is a great news for salman’s fans that the mumbai high court granted bail to Salman Khan.

It is not new to Bollywood when a Bollywood star to be himself in court affair. Before this also so many stars have been to jail.

 Here is the list of 10 celebrities who have been jailed-

 1.  Sanjay Dutt 

During the 1993 Mumbai blasts sanjay dutt was aressted for the possession of illegal weapons. under the TADA   Act, he was sentenced for 5 years in jail. Sanju baba who has already completed 16 months and now he is in  Yarweda jail to complete the remaining punishment.

2.  Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja hero of gangster movie,comes into the headlines when it was his  maid  who accused him of rape.  The investigation found sufficient evidence against him, after which the Court sentenced him for 7 year imprisonment and Rs 3,000 fine.Shiney Ahuja

3.  John Abrahim

April 2006 John Abraham injured two people with his Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle and after this the Bandra court had sentenced him for 15 days jail.john Abrahim

 4.  Tabbu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre

In 1998, during the shooting of “HUM SATH SATH HAI”, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre were charged with the black deer hunting. Tabbu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre

5.  Saif Ali Khan 

Nawab Saif Ali Khan was accused for hunting of black deer and in 2012 also he was again accused in case of  violence at Wasabi restaurant, Taj hotelSaif Ali Khan-

6.  Shahrukh Khan 

In case of gender inquiry caseShahrukh khan

 7.  Monika Bedi

For illegal procedure of going outside of India in Portugalmonika bedi

8.  Fardeen Khan

In case of drugs

Fardeen khan

 9.  Govinda

In case of slapping his co-actor

10.  Sooraj Pancholi

In case of jiya khan’s suicideSooraj pancholi