10 Ways To Deal With Teen Age Problems-

It’s no secret that your teenage years can be the best years of your life; attending college, making new friends and discovering new things in life, these are definitely the highlight of teenage years. But while teenagers can seem to look happy and carefree, there are times when most of them are doused in self-doubt and confusion and what they need the most is a friend and a confidante helping them through these confused years.

If you find yourself in a similar spot, then read on. These are the mantras to live by!

1. Your looks don’t define you.

You’re the one who’s gone and colored her hair electric blue. You’re the one who’s decided only to wear sports wear to college. You’re the one who’s decided to wear red lipstick to college every single day. But crazy blue hair doesn’t mean that you’re a punk the same way that wearing red lipstick to college doesn’t mean that you’re easy. You choose to look the way you want to because it is who you are and it makes you happy! 

2. Be adventurous and keep an open mind.

Perhaps the best part of being a teenager is that you have plenty of time to learn from your mistakes. Really, this is the time when you should explore – be it in various hobbies or learning a new skill. Mastering a new language, Understanding the art of baking or perfecting your mountaineering skills – there’s no stopping you now!

3. Keep a diary to write your innermost thoughts.

Heartbreaks, anger towards people and your innermost thoughts; there’s lots going on in your life. While you talk nineteen to the dozen with your best friend, there are times when you just need to vent. Keep a diary (and keep it locked, if you must) and write down your innermost thoughts. It’s not just us, but even science says that writing down your feelings makes you feel better.

4. You are different and that is awesome!

You’re not a part of the herd; you’re the one who’s just decided to walk away from it. Being different is awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Start your day by standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself that every single morning. Don’t criticize the way your eyes are or how you don’t have a clean and clear skin! Be confident to look at the mirror and bring on your #ReadyFace game! 

5. Break-ups are a stepping stone into adulthood.

This is the time when you will experience love for the first time and this is also the time where you are most likely to experience your first heartbreak. Everything you would have read or heard about break-ups will turn out to be true; you will feel like crap and want to stay aloof all the time. But just give yourself enough time to mourn over it and then move on! Chin up girl!

6 It is okay to cry in public.

Overcome by a sudden wave of nostalgia or still nursing your broken heart and cannot control your tears? It is okay to cry in public. No one will think less of you if you have a sobbing fit once in a while.

7. Keep your friends close and your moms closer.

Your mom might feel like your biggest enemy during your teenage years and you will feel that only your friends understand what you are going through. But remember this, your mother has gone through the same phase herself. Bond with her and chances are that she might actually help you out with a few tips and tricks.

8. Sometimes all you need is cake, ice-cream and a rom-com.

On days when nothing makes you feel better, just slip into your favourite pair of pajamas, take a giant tub of ice-cream and watch the most overrated rom-com you can find. It is okay to have a bad day but is not okay to end the day on a bad note. You deserve some pampering. Do whatever it takes to change your mood.

9. Your body will change and it is okay.

You’ll have to start dealing with things that you never thought you would have to deal with. Body hair, acne, unwanted attention and even menstrual cramps; are all issues that you’ll have to deal with. They sound intimidating at first but you’ll learn to tackle them like the diva you are!

 10. Do not give into peer pressure.

You’ll see a bunch of your friends doing things that you would never want to do. Fad diets, incessant partying or even experimenting with alcohol – if you do not want to do it, don’t! Don’t let your friends coax you into doing something that you are not comfortable doing.