4G is not so Easy to understand, But by Reading this News you will Understand It

These days you saw on TV or heard about 4G.while watching 4G advertisement many questions must be pondering in your minds. you must be thinking, what the hell is 4G? 3G facility in India currently is in the state of plight and we are still discussing about 4G. Recently, Reliance company has announced to provide 4G services for its employees.Before Reliance, Airtel’s has launched 4G services in the market.

Let us learn some important facts about 4G.

What is 4G?

4G-3G-revertownInternet service, speed and quality can be increased based on its definition. 4G means the ‘Fourth Generation’. It’s speed is faster than 3G mobile networks to upload and download information.

What will be the Speed of 4G?

4G-3G-revertown100 mbps 4G download speed and upload speed at 50 mbps is being claimed. An estimated is there that 4G facility in the country may not be succeed.

Why can not 4G Succeed

4G-3G-revertownCurrently, 3G subscribers have complained of receiving very low speed. According to a research company in India who are using mobile Internet, only 13 percent of consumers are using

How can we get 4G Services.

4G-3G-revertownFor getting 4 G Services mobile Handset and Sim should be 4G ‘Enabled’. now most mobile company are making mobile phones 4G ‘Enabled’.

Which Mobile Supports 4G Mobile

4G-3G-revertownIn addition to well-known companies, Chinese branded mobile companies like Asus and xiaomi are making 4G supporting mobile.

4G and 3G networks, Which would be better?

4G-3G-revertownAccording to Telecom Companies network issue is coming because of the lack of cell towers. Although the government has been putting this responsibility on companies.

What Experts Suggest

4G and 3G According to experts, due to less consumers the speed of 4G is good. But telecom companies also ignores government regulations, because of that also the speed is not so good.