7 Celebrities and their lucky charms

Do you know our Bollywood stars believe in their luck and lucky charm.Whether its matter of their films or their career they really consider their luck in all this.Bollywood stars associate everything with their luck.and to strengthen their luck they keep some lucky charm with themselves. For every star lucky charm can be different like for someone lucky charm can be a thing or a gift and for others it can be a month or year.

Today we are going to tell you about lucky charms of our Bollywood stars-

  • Ranveer singh
    Once Ranveer Singh was seriously ill when he was just a child. His illness was so serious that it was really difficult for doctors to save his life.Then his mother tied a black thread on his right leg.after that he recovered from his illness.since then ,he did not remove the black thread. Ranbeer admits that it is his lucky charm because of this black thread only he got so much success in his life.


  • Deepika Padukone

Like her boyfriend Ranveer Singh she also has a lucky charm.It is sure that everytime before the release of her movie she goes to Sidhi Vinayak temple and would wish to have her film hit.she really believes in god.


  • Salman Khan
    Everyone knows about the lucky charm of salman khan.Bracelet worn on the right hand with sapphire is lucky enough foryou will never see salman khan without this bracelet.


  • Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik’s Lucky Charm is given by God to him.There are two thumbs on his right hand.In his first film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai Hrithik tried to hide it from the audience. Now what was the reason behind that only Hrithik knows. But after when movie got hit he ever hide this


  • Vidya balan

You will be amazed to know to about the lucky charm of the beautiful actress Vidya Balan.Vidya’s Lucky Charm is mascara. But Vidya does not use any common mascara,her mascara hashmi comes from Pakistan.ny kind of mascara, mascara His comes from Pakistan. you will always look it in her eyes.


  • Kajol

There is a ring in Kajol’s finger which was given by her husband Ajay Devgan.Kajol believes that after getting this ring her life and career got better and she considers it her Lucky Charm.



  • Aamir Khan

As he focuses on the script of the movie,shooting and acting ,in the same way he focuses on the month of the release of his film. Aamir’s films are released in the month of December .and he believes that the movies which are released in the month of december never flops.