7 Famous Actresses and and their Star Crushes

Many Millions of people like and love Bollywood Actresses. But do you know for whom these Actresses are crazy for.

We’re not talking here of their lovers, but we are talking about their “Crush’s.

Here is the list of Some Bollywood Celebrities and their Crushes

1.  Aditi Rao Haidre

farahn aktarIn a interview Aditi rao said she really likes Farahan Akhtar.

2.  Shradha Kapoor

Shradha KapoorShradha Kapoor told in a interview that she really like Hrithik Roshan since the movie ‘KAHO NA PYAR’.

3.  Katrina Kaif

katrina kaifMany people love Katrina Kaif but do you know for whom she is having strong crush. Once she said that i never feel such type of feelings as i feel for Robert.

4.  Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh with srkShe said in a interview that she does not like any actor but she really like Shahrukh Khan.

5.  Pariniti Chopra

Pariniti Chopra-saif ali khanPariniti chopra said in a interview that she really like Saif Ali Khan since very long time. Now she will work with him and will fulfill her dream.

6.  Preety zinta

preety zintaPreety Zinta’s biggest crush is Tom Cruise. When she met with him in anil kapoor’s party the she shared her feelings on Twitter with everyone.

7.  Alia Bhatt

alia bhattShe admitted in a interview that she really love Ranbir Kapoor and after watching ‘Barfi’ movie her love also increased for the actor.