9 rare types of apples in the world

In world, there are many types of apples. Some of the rare apples are listed below:

  1. Wax apples : It is also known with many names like Love apples, java, bell fruit, etc. It is grown naturally in South Africa.

  1. Square apples : They are grown in plantations in Chungju, South Korea.

  1. Purple apples : By looking at these apples, it seems like they are not real but the fact is they really do exists.

  1. Star fruit : It has names like Carambola, star fruit and star apple.

  1. Hawaii mountain apple: It has distinct shape, taste and seed in the middle. They were originally brought from Malaysia but were bought to Hawaii by Polynesians.

  1. White Pippin apples: They are quite bitter in taste that is why they are not found in shops.

  1. Half Green, half red apple: Ken Morrish was the fruit farmer who was responsible for this rare type of apple. Two rare type of apple seeds merged together and have grown a perfect half and half apple.

  1. Custard apples: This type of apple really do taste like custard.

  1. Redlove apple: This was created by cross pollinating a normal apple with a watermelon. It just taste like a watermelon.