A city where the peons and security guards are millionaires

Everyone need a job. It is also a means of earning income. But why would a millionaire need a work? There is a place in Gujarat where everyone is millionaires from security guards to peon. And now this has become a problem for the owners of the companies because no one is ready to do work.


In the last seven years, the government took over four thousand hectares of land from farmers of the city Sanand in Gujarat and in return the land owners received crores as compensation. Now the people of the city have become millionaires. In 2008, when Tata Motors shifted its plant from Singur to this city, since then it has emerged as the hub of industrialization .


In the Raviraj files Ltd. company there are 300 employees, nearly 150 employees out of 300 are having Rs 1 crore as their bank balance. These Employees work as machine operators in factories, floor supervisors, security guards and even peon. These employees had made their investment in gold as well as in bank deposits. Before Tata’s plant, only the nine branches of the two banks were there with total deposit of Rs 104 crore. From the last few years, now there are 56 branches of 26 banks with total deposit of Rs three thousand crore.