All You Need to Know About New Look of Indian Railway Coaches and Some Wonderful Features


The Successful final mock run of Indian Railways’ first model rake of luxury ‘Make in India’ railway coaches has been carried out.These passenger coaches have been designed by Bhopal’s coach rehabilitation workshop (CRWS), Nishatpura.

The national transporter may soon roll out these coaches in trains. We take a look at what’s special about the new ‘Make in India’ Railway Luxury Coaches:¬†


What sets apart these new coaches are jerk-less seats and beautiful interiors.

Also, from the usual green or red seats, the new colour is purple that instantly gives a high-class look and feel.


While AC coaches have been built at the cost of Rs 70 lakh, sleeper coaches cost Rs 49 lakh.


These are the Some Specific Features in New Coaches-



>Seats equipped with jerk-less springs

> LED reading lights, Snacks table in side berths
> Spacious seats, wider side berths
> Multi mobile charging points
> Fire extinguishers on both side of coach
> Water bottle holder next to every seat
> Green toilet system with soap case and dustbin
> Fire-proof seats made of polyvinyl material
> Floor of the coach painted like carpet
> Middle berths have side support and railing instead of chains.

> To provide better amenities to passengers, A new AC 3-tier coach has unveiled

> The coach boasts of state-of-the-art facilities including CCTV cameras, bio-toilets and improved safety features.

> The interiors of the coach, with better security and comfort features,  have been designed aesthetically.

> While CCTV cameras have been installed at the entrance of the coach on both the sides to strengthen the security system, fire-retardant materials have been used to prevent fire as a safety measure.

> Manufactured at the Integrated Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, the AC coach is equipped with wider stainless steel ladder with hand-holds for easy climbing to upper berths.

> Besides, the coach has also been fitted with braille stickers for the convenience of visually-impaired passengers.

> For faster evacuation in case of emergency, the door of the coach has been made to swing both ways.
The bi-directional swing door is a new feature which is likely to be a norm for all new coaches in future.

<This new compartment is the 50,000th coach rolled out from ICF and is likely to be fitted in a train bound for the southern states.

<Meanwhile, to strengthen security on trains, Indian Railways is expediting the process of installing CCTV surveillance cameras in 20,000 coaches at a cost of Rs 700 crore, which will be derived from Nirbhaya Fund.