All You Need To Know About Pat Farmer!

Life is better in running shoes someone has rightly said and yes Australia’s ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer has proved it.


Pat is a multiple world record holder for endurance running. He has run from the North Pole to the South, and across Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and North America. Pat served 8 years as a Member of Australia’s Parliament, with 3 years as Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Science and Training. Winner of ‘Achiever of the Year’ (2000), awarded by Prime Minister John Howard. Pat has raised millions of dollars for causes during his 20 year running career, including Lifeline, Cancer Council, Australian Red Cross and Diabetes Australia.



In 2011-12, he ran from the North to the South Pole and raised more than AUD 100,000 dollars for Red Cross International’s clean water programs. In 2014, he ran more than 1300 km in two weeks through the Middle East to raise money and awareness for peace initiatives in the region. On Sunday Pat reached India Gate completing 3,400 km out of the 4,600 km of his inspiring journey. Farmer said there were three main reasons why he chose to run in India. “Firstly to have great relations between two democracies (India and Australia), secondly to raise money to support girls education in India through Nanhi Kali foundation and thirdly to motivate people in India and make this country (India) one of the greatest democracies on earth” .


Pat Farmer is currently running the length of India until the end of March and is expected to finish in Kanyakumari. Journey from the southern-most point of india, along the west coast, towards mumbai and beyond, to delhi and the himalayan mountains. Over 4600km in 60 days, beginning in Kanyakumari in the south to a summit of the Himalayan Mountains. Pat began his run on January 26th, celebrating both Australia Day and India’s Republic Day.


He will be supported by a core team of four people. Katie Walsh who is his trainer and crew manager, her right-hand man Josh Cordoba who is part of the support team, the medical director Dr Joseph Grace and the writer/photographer Kevin Nguyen. A film crew led by director Anupam Sharma will also be following Pat every step of his journey and bring his epic journey to the big screen.