Best Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most beautiful cities of India.It has both the cultural history as well as modernity. Chennai provides a good experience to tourists. From shrines to churches, temples, beaches to historical monuments, Chennai proves to be modestly a holistic place. Marina beach, a Portuguese beach, Kapileshwar temple are some of the attractions of this place.Services of cabs, buses, rail system,taxis are easily available in city. If you have time, patience and strength, you can walk around the city. Places to visit in Chennai

1. Marina Beach– Marina beach is known to be the shaanor amour-propre of Chennai. It is the second longest beach in the world with a white sandy foreshore that looks as though extending to infinity. An aquarium has also been constructed on the Marina Beach to make it hot spot for tourist. It is an awe-striking and enchanting experience to watch the sun crawling upwards into the sky or even disappearing into the ocean from the beach. The beach has statues of heroes such as Anna and MGR from Tamil culture. It is best place to walk with near and dear ones or even all alone enjoying the cool evening breeze.


2. Ashtalakshmi temple– Ashtalakshmi temple is a highly spiritual temple with an exclusive architecture and deities installed in four levels. This temple has a history of around 25 years from today and also it is a part of modern construction so it looks different from other temples. The temple enshrines Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Lord Vishnu as the principal deities. There are different shrine for the Ashtalakshmi forms of Goddess Lakshmi. Ashtalakshmi Temple has a shrine for the Dasavathars (the 10 incarnations) of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Narasimhaand Lord Hanuman are some other deities which are also worshiped here. This temple helps to restore your inner self and makes you calm.

ashtalakshmi temple  3. ISKON temple – ISKCON Temple is one of the most popular establishments by the ISKCON society in India. It is located in the Injambakkam region in Thyagaray Nagar of Chennai. Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya is the main diety here. The deities worshipped in the temple include those of Rukmini and Krishna. Satyabhama who is one of the eight wives of Krishna, is also worshipped as one of the dieties in the temple. Jagannath, Baladeva, Subhadra and Gaura-Nitai are other dieties to be worshipped here. ISKCON protects the traditional art and craft of South India.


4. Santhome cathedral – Santhome Cathedral is an ancient and historical pilgrim center, which was built by the Portuguese.The cathedral, near Chennai beach, got its name from St Thomas, the apostle of Jesus Christ. In the nearby grounds a museum is located. 16th century map of South Asia is the main attraction of this museum. Santhome Cathedral is one of the prominent attractions in Chennai. People who have Christian faith always visit this place.


5. Breezy Beach – Breezy Beach is located in the neighborhood of Valmiki nagar in Chennai. It is smaller and less polluted, which makes it a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a peaceful evening. This beach is not as popular as the Elliots beach. It is more quiet and peaceful. As the evenings are very pleasant and breezy here so lots of tourists are attracted towards this beach for its beauty. Those who are looking for refreshing, amiable and breezy place to relax out and have fun, for them the Breezy beach of Chennai is the best place. breezy beach