Champions are really champions !!!

Every time they took a wicket, they did the Champion dance last evening while playing the final match. In fact, they have been doing it throughout the tournament. Finally, West Indies won the T20 World Cup to become the ‘champions’ for the second time, by beating England.

But that’s not the only reason the team is a champion.

West Indies team manager Rawl Lewis makes the teams’ donation to the Mother Teresa Missionaries of charity in Kolkata….

Now, this is the same team that hasn’t had it easy. In an emotional video, West Indian captain Darren Sammy revealed the trouble West Indian cricketers allegedly faced from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).
“I may be victimized but it is about time somebody see real, true West Indians. People are painting us as money-grabbing cricketers”, Sammy said in the video he posted on Facebook.Earlier in the post-match presentation, Sammy alleged that the team received no support from WICB. In fact, they didn’t even have their jerseys before the start of the tournament, they were only printed in Kolkata and was sponsored by the team manager Lewis.
“He was doing the job for the first time. He came to Dubai and we know what he did so that we get the jerseys,” Sammy said in the video.
There was pay dispute, the West Indies Cricket Board had even said that it was considering sending a second-string team if the players did not agree to its terms.
“All that happened before the tournament, the disrespect from journalists, from our own cricket board, that was out of order,” Sammy said.
“The only way we could make a statement was by winning this tournament. The hunger for success and victory was there in all of us.”