Find out why Ali Asgar ‘Dadi’, ‘Gutthi’ Sunil Grover’s kids were bullied!

It was his ‘Dadi’ act  of Ali Sagar in Kapil Sharma’s ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ that made him a household name. Another character named Gutthi, from the same show gave actor Sunil Grover’s career the much needed boost. Ali as Dadi and Sunil as Gutthi are adored by millions of fans across the globe. But their own children were left embarrassed because they cross – dressed on TV. They were bullied because their fathers played women on screen.


In an interview, Ali said “…my children – son and daughter – don’t like me playing such characters at all. They say they are embarrassed to go out with me anywhere because people start shouting ‘Dadi! Dadi!’ when they see me. Their school mates tease them in the bus saying ki iska baap toh Basanti hai, because I had done a few episodes of Comedy Circus as Basanti,” .

Sunil too had similar issues to face at home. He also said that,“My son, Mohan is six years old. Initially, when he saw me as a woman on Comedy Nights, usey bahut ajeeb laga tha. Building ke kuch ladke use chhedte the ki ‘oye, tere Papa toh ladki bante hai’. My son asked me to not play a woman,” .