‘Fitoor’ Trailor is out, Here you can have a LooK

Watch the trailer here:


Katrina and Aditya will appear together for the first time at the cinema screen. The film is releasing on February 12 this year, Fitoor is an adaptation of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, a classic, timeless story. The film is set in Kashmir and although we saw the gorgeousness of Kashmir in Haider last year, it never ceases to amaze. Every frame looks Gorgeous, Kashmir is really a cinematographer’s dream.

Fitoor is about an orphan boy and a rich girl. As expected, her mother is against the very idea of them getting together. This does seem a bit clichéd but then trailer wins us over but mixing contemporary politics of Kashmir with the love story. Aditya Roy Kapoor looks adequate if not stellar and Tabu, as the matriarch, is formidable and terrifying in some frames. The bigger issue is the fact that she also starred in Haider, thus making it a bit hard accept this part without remembering that one.

The Fitoor trailer so far seems worth waiting for, despite certain question marks that should be clear out when It releases on 12 february