Girl takes birth two times

A baby girl in US was successfully born for the second time after taken out of her mother’s womb for 20 minutes in the 23rd week of pregnancy for a surgery to save girls life.

A lady named Margaret Boemer from US was 16 week pregnant when she was told that her baby is suffering from a tumor which grows from baby’s tailbone before birth. The tumor feeds on blood flow from the baby competing with the baby as they both are trying to grow.


Sometimes, the tumor wins and results in heart failure. The same happened with the unborn girl her tumor was shutting her heart down and causing her to go in cardiac failure at the 23rd week. Then the surgery was performed when the tumor was almost larger than the foetus.

Only 20 minutes were spent with the foetus most of the time went in opening the uterus and closing it. The tumor was so large that the baby needed to be taken out of the worm. The team successfully removed the tumor. When the operatiom finished the baby was placed back inside the worm and then the uterus was stiched.

Then after 12 weeks the baby was born for the second time.