Here is What Juhi Chawla said about Shahrukh Khan’s Movie ‘DILWALE’  

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Bollywood Shahrukh khan and beautifulmJuhi Chawla’s is well known. She is one of SRK’sclose friends. They both worked together in many superhit movies. Yet Juhi has not seen ShahRukh’s recently released film “Dilwale” even though the movie “DILWALE” earned 335 millions.

Yet Juhi did not watch this movie, She said that ‘We have heard so much about this Movie which is not right so I decided It’s better not to watch It’.

If It would be possible then I would like to do film with Shahrukh Khan. It all depends on the script and director to whom they give chance to work together.

Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan are very good friends and they both have worked in many movies like ‘DAR’, ‘YES BOSS’ and ‘RAJU BAN GYA GENTLEMAN’. She Worked with Shahrukh Khan in 2005 for the first time.