History of Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort is 17th century fort which is located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district. It was built by Man Singh for his younger brother Madho Singh. The fort is declared as haunted by the Archaeological Survey of India.

There is two stories regarding the fort city which is reported to be haunted and no one is allowed to stay inside the fort at night as per notice board put up by the ASI at the entrance.

One of the legend is that a sadhu named Baba Balak Nath was living in the fort area. He said that no house in the area should be taller than his house, and if the shadow of any such house falls on his house then it would result in destruction of the whole town.

The other legend is that the wizard named N.K Singhai was a black magician who fell in love with Ratnavati , princess of the Bhangarh. One day the princess went for shopping with her friends and was standing at the shop of ittar(scent). The wizard saw this and replaced the scent with love potion. He offered this scent to the princess so that she would start loving him and marry him. As she saw this trick of wizard she threw the potion on the big boulder. Due to this, the boulder started rolling down towards the wizard and crushed him. But before his last breath, he cursed that Bhangarh city would be destroyed soon and no one will survive. The Mughals from north surrounded and sacked the city. At that time more than 10,000 people were living in fort city which were then killed. It is believed that the ghosts in the fort is that of the princess and the wizard.