How the Characters in Serial ‘SHAKTIMAAN’ Look after 10 years, you can have a Look Here

Most of the people must have seen the serial ‘SHAKTIMAAN’in their childhood? Shaktimaan was the first Superhero of the children. Skatimaan was so popular and dramatic even parents would love to watch it. Even today when the child sit watching this serial, instead of scolding him, parents sit with him and watch this serial. Well, times have changed today in place of Shaktimaan many other Super Heroes Chris, Ra-One, IRONMAN, Superman, Batman, etc. have taken. But Shaktimaan is Still strong in our mind. From the Dialogues and the characters we still remember everything. The serial was over in 2005, but memories are still alive in our mind.

Here we can see how the characters of the serial ‘SHAKTIMAAN’ look like after 10 years.

1.  Mukesh Khanna


Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri or shaktimaan role played by Mukesh Khanna, who is 58-year-old now. Two years before he worked in the serial “Pyar ka dard meetha meetha,pyara pyara” for the last time. Mukesh Khanna has worked on the small screen as well as on the big screen.

2.  Vaishnavi Mahant – Geeta Vishwas

Vaishnavi Mahant

She played the role of lover of shaktimaan. She is now 41 years old. She is working in a serial ‘tashan-e-ishaq’. She also worked in a serial ‘Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke’.

3.  Lalit Premu – Doctor Jackol

Lalit Premu - Doctor Jackol

He played the role of Doctor who always creates problems for Shaktimaan. He also played important roles in Hindi movies.

4.   Ashwini Kalsekar – Shalaka

Ashwini Kalsekar

Ashwini Kalsekar played the role of black cat in the serial.she is 45 years old. Ashwini was a part of many renowned serials and films. Nowadays she is working in the serial “Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar”.

5.  Tom Oltr – Mahaguru

Tom Oltr- Mahaguru

Tom Alter played a important role of Mahaguru, He always gives good guidance to Shaktimaan. He is 65 years old now.

6.  Surendrapal – Tamraj Kilvish

Surendrapal - Tamraj kilvish

The main villain was ‘Tamraj kilvish’ in the serial. The role of kilvish was played by Surendra Pal. Surendra is now 62 years old.