How to get long and healthy hairs

A girls main desire to look beautiful. And you also know that hair play an important role in our look. You can achieve gorgeous looking hair by using few tools but you know these tool can harm your hair. Instead of using these tools, use some some natural methods to get healthy and long hair.

Here are some tips and tricks:

1. Try not to use hot tools like hair straightener, curler, dryer. Heat is too bad for the hair. Let your hair dry naturally instead of using these tools.


2. Trim your hair regular. if you think that trimming your hair will make your hair short then you are wrong because it will just remove the damaged hair and helps to hair to grow more.


3. What you eat in diet, effects your hair. If your body is not getting proper nutrition then your hairs will also not get nutrition and which will result in unhealthy, weak and limp hair. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins. Drink loads of water also.


4. You should use a wide tooth comb.You hair is more likely to get damaged when it’s wet so don’t brush them when they are wet. Don’t rub the roots of your hair as rubbing makes the hair weak. Massage your scalp gently to promote blood circulation. If your hair gets tangled when you don’t brush it while its wet then the best option is to use a wide tooth comb. Wooden comb is the best comb.


5. Use a conditioner after shampooing the hair, to prevent them from split ends in future. Use a deep conditioner once every week. You should apply oil in your scalp as it helps in the nourishment of hair. You must start with healthy hair in order to get long hair. Its good to have healthy short hair instead of damaged long hair.