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Urge for a chocolate for a girl is nothing less than the urge for drugs for an addicted. We don’t need any reason to have chocolates. When we are happy or sad, chocolates fit the situation in both ways. We see many benefits of chocolates in our daily life like its the best gift for girls, makes us feel happy and less frustrated, it has also a lot of health benefits. We will have a look at all these one by one through these interesting facts about chocolates.

  • Chocolates prevent Heart Diseases and help to maintain Blood Pressure.
  • Chocolates contain a lot of antioxidants that prevent the body from the attack of heart diseases and help to control the blood pressure. A normal chocolate bar contains phenolics (antioxidant that prevents from heart attacks) equal to the amount found in a glass of wine.
  • Chocolates make you feel happy. There are a lot of naturally occurring chemicals present in chocolate that triggers the release of endorphins from brain.These chemicals releases stress, make us feel less frustrated and happy.
  • Chocolate causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children.
  • Chocolate products contains a large amount of caffeine and sugar. Large consumption of chocolates causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children.
  • Dark chocolates are good for teeth. We think that chocolates harm our teeth. This is true in one sense, but pure cocoa help prevent tooth decay. Dark chocolates helps prevent tooth cavities and also lead to whiter teeth.
  • Dark chocolates are healthier than the normal ones.
  • Dark Chocolates prevent arteries from blocking as it widens them and blood flows normal.
  • Even the smell of chocolate makes you feel relaxed, as it increases waves in brain.