Japan: Train runs only to pick and drop a girl from her school


In India, many children walk to school from village through a rugged way. Because the roads are so poorand they do not have transport. But In Japan it is not so. The government of the country takes care of every citizen. There is the latest example of a village where the train has been in operation for just a girl. So she could move between home and school.

Why Japan took this Strange Decision ?

Japan: Train runs only to pick and drop a girl from her school

The case is of a village located on the North Island Hokkaido Shirataki in Japan.

The government decided to close this railway station 3 years ago. Because the population is extremely less.

But when railway officials came to know about a girl who goes to school daily by the train. And there is no other way to reach the school.
The officers gave the information to the railway ministry.
The government immediately ordered the resumption of the train for the girl. It also will continue till she complete her graduation.

Even Train timings are scheduled according to the girl’s school timings. When there is a holiday in school that day train also does not run.
The station will be closed in March because the girl’s graduation will be complete.