NetFlix is coming to India by next week

Good news for Indian audiences from the popular on-demand streaming service, Netflix. It will announce its arrival in India at the trade show CES 2016, scheduled to begin next week. It has already announced plans to enter Singapore and Hong Kong in early 2016. If reports are to be believed, the service will be launched in India as early as next week.

For its India launch, the United States-based company has partnered with an unnamed Indian telecom operator to leverage the latter’s 4G networks. As of now, only Airtel and Reliance are the telecom operators with substantial 4G footprint in the country, and even that is available in select regions only. Reliance announced its 4G services last week though it is currently only available to its employee.


As of October 2015, Netflix had over 69 million users. The service not only offers content streaming in partnership with major TV networks and movie studios, it also produces a number of original shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and Daredevil and has exclusive rights to air some content as well.

Orange-is-the-New-Black Several Netflix Indian fans use third-party tools to access content. With its official launch, the subscription rate per month is expected to be between Rs 500 and Rs 700.