New battleground of India and Pakistan: Bollywood

uri attackAs we all know nowadays each and every person in both the countries i.e, India and Pakistan are talking about the rivalry countries.

Three wars has already been fought by both the countries against each other till date. Now this have reached to the big screen.


Indian banned all pakistani talent from bollywood and Pakistani banned all the indian television shows from their channels and radio systems.


This ban clearly influenced the upcoming release of the movie AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL.


There was also the news that this movie will be banned in India. But for now the movies which are already wrapped up are safe from this ban. But in future the Indian cinema is not going to sign Pakistani talent.

salman-khan_ba0561a0-a0ac-11e5-94b5-bfaeb774c8f3A well known actor of Bollywood Salman Khan was denounced by host of talk show, Arnab Goswami. Also people on social networking sites started criticising him for his reaction on the ban. Another well known actor Om Puri was also attacked in a television debate for opposing the ban.


The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena gave the ultimatum to all the Pakistani talent working in India to leave within 48 hours or “risk being beaten up”. The theatre owners were also given warning to not to show movie with Pakistani cast.

Because of this ban the Pakistani classic movie of 1959 “Jago Hua Savera” was dropped from Mumbai Film Festival. All the Pakistani talents were also ignored for Mumbai Film Festival.

This is the new and scary time for both the countries. This is the unique moment for Indo-Pak relation.