OMG! Pooja Bedi called her new mother a ‘witch’!

pooja bedi

For Veteran actor Kabir Bedi,his 70th birthday was very special for him.On friday, the day before his birthday he tied the knot with his close friend Parveen Dusanj (42) .But on this occasion, his daughter Pooja Bedi tweeted something publicly which is quite surprising.


Kabir Bedi’s daughter,pooja bedi was not involved in the marriage and she was not happy with this marriage. when we checked his wedding photos, his daughter Pooja Bedi was found missing.


it was such a big day for her father, how could she NOT attend it? Well, we have already got a cue for this. It seems that daddy Bedi’s daughter is not at all happy with his father’s choice. She already ‘detests’ her ‘step-mom’. At least that’s what her tweet suggests.


In just one day, Pooja Bedi is breathing fire over Kabir Bedi’s marriage and her step-mom, we wonder what lies ahead!