Rare and exotic plant species in the world

In the world, there are some of the rare plant species in the world. Some just emerged out of horror writer. This shows the earth has fascinating flora.

  1. Rat-Eating pitcher plant : This species was discovered in August 2009. This may the weirdest carnivorous plant species till date. It is the largest meat-eating plant in the world which is capable of digesting rats. It was found on Mount Victoria in Philippines.

  1. Corpse Flower : It is the biggest flower in world and also smelliest. This flower is found in tropical rainforests of Sumatra. Its emits odor of rotting flesh. The leaf structure of the flower can reach upto 20 feet tall and 16 feet wide.

  1. Welwitschia mirabilis : This desert plant seems to come out of age of dinosaurs. Two leaves continuously grow from the short thick trunk. The leaves can reach 12 feet in length. It can live upto 2000 years.

  1. Flypaper plant : Butterworts also known as Flypaper plant, grab holds everything that lands on its leaves and starts digesting it. The upper surface of the plant is covered with sticky digestive enzymes which traps victim.

  1. Hydnora africana : This plant rises out of the ground like head of a blind sea snake which opens it jaws to the world. This parasitic plant attaches itself to the roots of other species. This plant emits odor to attract carrion beetles and dung beetles.