Ratan Tata was in love four times, but did not get married.

The whole world recognize Ratan tata. Tata Group has made it a point where the entire country can proudly say today that this is an Indian company. Ratan tata was born on December 28, 1937. Today we are going to tell you some hidden secrets about him –

1. Did you know that Ratan Tata was in love four times, but he did not get married.

2. He was very serious for his love with a girl in America.

3. According to Ratan Tata, “The girl to whom i loved in America I was ready to get married with her but I came to India at that time and she was also supposed to come to India, but due to the on going war in 1962 between India and China she could not come to India. Few years later, she married with someone else.”

4. Apart from his business, he is very fond of expensive cars.

5. Despite of having his own car company, he likes American cars.

6. Every time 10 to 12 cars are parked in the Ratan Tata’s parking lot.

7. Swimming pool is there on the second floor of his home, where he spends most of the time.

8. Perhaps you have never noticed, but Ratan Tata always wears suit in gray colour; gray is his favourite colour.

9. He is also very fond of watches. Brand can be any of his watches but the strap of the watch should be black only.

10. He provided the country’s the cheapest car Tata Nano. The car had a starting price of just Rs 1 lakh.