Reason Behind the Fight between Shah Rukh Khan and Rohit Shetty


The Buzz is there in the industry that there are so manyissues, Tensions and Debates are going on between Khan and Rohit’s assistants. Are deeply divided over many issues between them and tension. Sources said that Rohit is very much upset with the fact that the movie ‘DILWALE’ did not earn as much as he expected. He asked from SRK’S promotional planning team why they did not promote the Movie ‘DILWALE’ like they promoted ‘chennai express’? Why Shahrukh khan did not go to Different cities to promote this movie. Rohit Shetty is involved as producer in this movie. The movie ‘Dilwale’ barely could earn fourteen hundred crore business in fifteen days of its release in India.but it got good response from abroad.But the real issue is between Khan and Rohit’s teams who are blamming each other. The film proved to be a flop in India and distributors have suffered losses. Now the question is that wheather they both (shahrukh khan and Rohit Shetty) will work together in future or not? Here it is important to remember that enmity and friendship both in Bollywood are not permanent.