Saif Ali Khan is now Ready to do Film for Rs 6 Crore Instead of 18 Crore


Nawabjade Saif Ali’s tantrums are now loosen up. Three years ago, film actor Saif Ali Khan asked for Rs 18 crore for a movie but now due to his five flops movies he is ready to do a film for Rs 6 crore.
3 years ago, Saif Ali Khan demanded for Rs 18 crore from film maker Sunil Khetrapal. But for some time, his movies are not doing well on box office. As a result the demand is going down in Bollywood. Most filmmakers do not want to take risk by signing him in movie. Saif Ali Khan does not have any work now thats why he is ready to sign a film for Rs 6 crore but his condition is that if movie makes good business on box office then he will take 35 % of it.