Sanjay Dutt: ‘Party is so far, Salman did not meet yet’ !

When Sanjay Dutt released from prison, there was talk everywhere of Salman being the happiest for ‘Baba’. Salman Khan even planned a big welcome-home bash for his Sanjay at his farm in Panvel. But let alone throw a party for Dutt, Salman has not even visited Dutt at his residence in Pali Hilll where the entire industry who’s who has been seen.


According to the Sanjay Datt, after they come out of the jail Salman has not even visited at his residency. Sanjay Dutt has even been joking with his friends and said ‘I keep hearing about this party that Salman is throwing for me. But forget the party, I haven’t seen Salman yet.’ According to the Sanjay’s close Salman’s team will be suggested him to stay away from Sanju. This is may be due to the Sanjay’s busy schedule.