Shocking news: Bahubali 2 story leaked on whatsapp.


Prabhas’ bahubali movie so far has earned more than 500 million, and how the people are showing their craze in the movie makes us think that the film will soon join 600 Club. The second part of the film will come in the beginning year 2016. ¬†After seeing the first part of the movie, people were surprised to see bahubali killed by katappa. Few months before the release of part 2, the whole story of the film got leaked. Everyone is sharing story of part 2 on whatsapp. Now this story is right or wrong they don’t know but right now you can take the fun of the story.

Katappa was servant of mahishmati throne and not only him but his ancestors who were born in that State and who would born there, would be servant of that throne. This promise was given by katappa’s ancestors. When bahubali became King, there was a queen named “Devsena” in the state who loved Bahubali and Bahubali also felt in love with her. There comes a twist in the story’s when Bhallaldev also starts loving Devsena. Queen Mother gave an order that whom so ever will marry Devsena will have to go out of her State. Bahubali agrees to marry Devsena and leaves state after the marriage.

When Bahubali goes from the state, kalkayi’s son returns to the state. Someone attacks on mahishmati state, but Bahubali comes again and saves mahishmati. Bhallaldev got scared of the thought that Queen Mother does not return back State to Bahubali. With this fear he gives order to katappa to kill Bahubali. As katappa was thrones servant and at that time bhallaldev was the king, so fulfilling his order he killed Bahubali.

By the way, the story is interesting enough, but after the release of Bahubali 2 we will come to know whether the story is real or fake. Comment below to give your review about the story.