Some unknown facts about Lord Shiva

Here are some unknown but interesting fact about Mahadev:

1. Hanuman, is actually avatar of Lord Shiva.

2. Lord Shiva’s first wife Sati killed herself because she was frustrated by her father who insulted Shiva.

3. The snake around Shiva’s neck represents calmness and stillness.

4. Shiva’s Trishul symbolizes the unity of three worlds.

5. Shiva drinks Halahala poison because of which he has blue throat.

6. Shiva was attracted to the female form is of Vishnu, Mohini.

7. Shiva calmly trapped Ganga in his hair because of her arrogance. It was allowed to flow but in small streams.

8. Lord Shiva punished one crore God and Goddesses for not waking up on time and turned them into stone images.