Something can be Wrong with You in your Trial Room. So do not ever Forget to Check these Things!

Trials rooms are made in Shopping malls and stores to make shopping more convenient and so you can check the fitting of your dress whatever you like. But today the trial rooms are not so safe. We have to be very careful while we use any trial room so we have to keep some things in our mind whenever we use any trial room.
The next time you go to trial room, these things you should keep in your mind

1.  Flash the Light on the Mirror


First go to the trial room, then turn off all the lights and throw the light from your mobile phone on the mirror. If the mirror of the trial room is a two way, then flashlight will come out directly on the other side. But if it is not so then the trial room is safe.

1.  Tap on the Mirror


To check the quality of the mirror we should knock on the mirror the way we knock on the door. If mirror is okay the the sound will be normal but if the mirror is two way then the sound would be like hitting a hollow thing comes. That means someone is watching you from the other side.

3.  Check the Mirror from the Lights of the Trial Room

mirror flash

If there is excessive brightness of lights in the trial room then it is two way mirror. If the light is too bright then man can be seen more clearly in the trial room from the other side. So you must be careful about it.

4.  Keep your Finger on the Glass


If the mirror is two way then there will be no gap between your fingernail and reflection and if the mirror is normal then there will be gap between fingernail and reflection when touched.