Surgery of the world’s heavy weight women in Mumbai

Mumbai to all set to welcome world’s heavy weight women to undergo bariatric surgery.

Eman Ahmed who lives in Egypt is on bed since she turned 11 due to severe weight gain. At the age of 36, she is bed ridden with host of diseases like hypertension, pulmonary diseases, depression, diabetes and asthma. She is the school drop out because of weight gain.

Dr. Muffi Lakdawala Mumbai-based bariatric surgeon urged to facilitate her medical visa for Ahmed. The next hurdle was how to bring her Mumbai since no airplane was ready to take this risk. The only solution left was a private chartered flight.

After all this now Mumbai is ready to treat this unusual patient.

A one-bed hospital is being built on the premises of the ground floor of hospital to treat Ahmed. There will a operation theatre, intensive care unit, doctor’s room, two rest rooms, attendants rooms and a video conferencing room. The cost of construction for all is this is Rs2 crores.

Whole construction is done keeping in mind Ahmed’s weight, like wide doors and bed. A team of specialists, including a consultant bariatric surgeon, a cardiologist, a cardiac surgeon, a chest physicians, and three anaesthetists will be in the hospital for Eman’s surgery.  After surgery she will be in the hospital for six months for recovery.

Ahmed’s family will not be paying any fees for surgery. Dr. Lakdawala has been mobilising funds for Ahmed.