These are 10 Queens of the world to whom millions of people salute

1.Queen Kate Middleton


Rajashahi traditions till exists in England. Despite of the people’s faith in the federal structure, Rajashahi family is active. The Queen Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982. She got married with Britain’s Prince William; because of her beauty and dressing style she remains in spotlight. They have a son and a daughter.

2.Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth was born on January 5, 1972 in Australia. Denmark’s Queen Elizabeth has been married to King Frederick. They both met during the Olympic Games in Australia in 2000 and got married on 14 May, 2004.



Her full name is Charlene Lynette Wittstock, she was born on 25 January, 1978 in Zimbabwe. She got married with Prince Of Monaco, Albert II. She met with Prince during a swimming Event in the year 2000. But both confessed their love in 2006 in front of public. They engagement in June 2010 after that got married on 1 July, 2011.



Letizia got married with the sole heir of the estate Mr. Felipe of Spain. Earlier, she served as a well-known journalist whose name are recorded major achievements. Letizia was born on September 15, 1975. Letizia says with pride that their roots are associated with a moderate family. Her marriage took place in May 2004 with Felipe. Now she is mother of has two little girls.



She is the elder sister of Queen Victoria. She is married with Christopher O’Neil, who is the owner of some states in Britain. They married in 2013. She contributes significantly to the social service. Now she is taking care of an institute of children in New York.



Sweden’s Queen Victoria was born on 14 July 1977 in Sweden. She is elder daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf. She married with Prince Daniel in 2010.

7.Zara Phillips


Her full name is Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall. She was born in London on May 15, 1981. She is daughter of Marc Filip. She got married with a former rugby player Mike Tindall.



She was born in an ordinary family in Venezuela. As a fashion designer her work has been appreciated enough. She met during her work with emperor Nicholas of Denmark and Greece . By 2010, they both got married after being in a long relationship.

9.Keisha Omilana


She is a fashion designer and model before becoming Queen. She has also won the title of ‘Pantene Girl’. She married with king Kunle Omilana of Nigeria, who is currently CEO of ‘Wonderful TV’ company.

10.Jetsun Pema


The full name of the Queen is ‘Jetsun Pema Wangchuck’. She is wife of the king ‘Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck’ of Bhutan. She is the youngest queen in the world. She was born on 4 June 1990 in Thimphu. They both got married on 13 October,2013.