Vidya Balan New Year in hospital!

vidya-balan-1-640x360_Vidya Balan New Year in hospital!

Vidya Balan’s health suddenly deteriorated and was admitted to Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital. She felt pain in her stomach  Doctors said the cause of abdominal pain is kidney stone.her birthday is also on 1 January.vidya balan and her husband were going to Abu Dhabi to celebrate New Year.

At the same time vidya balan  felt a sharp pain in the back. The pain increased so much that the flight in which she was going ,she called doctor there only.

Then she decided to go to Hinduja Hospital and went to the Hospital  with Siddhartha. The investigation showed that there is a stone in her kidney. According to reports, now she is fine and Hinduja Hospital doctors will monitor her health and soon she will recover.