Without divorce these 5 bollywood stars got married again

Bollywood remains in the news everytime, not only for films but because of gossips like love, marriage, affair after marriage, divorce and many more things of stars. Life of the Bollywood stars look glamorous, but in real it is complicated. We all know that in Bollywood more than one marriage is very common. But did you know that there are some personalities who had done two marriages without giving divorce to their first wife ? Lets see the pictures of that 5 bollywood stars and their 2 wives:

1. Salim Khan

salim khan

Salman’s father and Bollywood famous writer Salim Khan had also done two marriages. After marrying his first wife Salma, Salim starts loving Bollywood’s dancing queen Helen. Salim was the father of two children at that time. Despite of all that, he married Helen. In beginning he faced many problems but later on he managed to bring together the two spouses. Today he lives in a house with his entire family. He has 4 Children from Salma, and there is one daughter from Helen.

2. Dharmendra Kumar


Dharmendra was married before making a career in films, But while working in movies with Dream Girl Hema Malini, he fell in love with her. He was not able to leave his first wife but then also he got married with Hema Malini by changing his religion. He is taking care of both the families and now both families are living happily.

3. Sanjay Khan


When the famous Zeenat Aman and Sanjay Khan fall in love with each other at that time Sanjay khan was married with Zarin Khan. According to reports, Sanjay Khan got married with Zeenat Aman  without leaving his first wife. It is said that once in a hotel in Mumbai, Zarine and Zeenat came face to face, where both had a fight. After that incident, Sanjay Khan left Zeenat, but he never gave divorce to Zeenat.

4. Raj Babbar


Two children’s father Raj babber fell in love with his costar Smita Patil. He gave name to this relation by marrying with her. Smita had to suffer a media crictisism. This relationship could not remain for more days of and she died after giving birth to her baby in two weeks.

5. Udit Narayan


Udit Narayan fell in love with Deepa. He got married with Deepa without giving divorce to his first wife. After then his first wife lodged complaint against him and he was arrested. Later on all the issues have been solved and now Udit is having good relations with both the families.